Hi! I'm Rhea.

I obsessively research, ask questions, reflect on why, and write to make sense of it all.



My dream job was to be a magazine editor. For five years I was a fashion trade newspaper reporter where I abided by the principles of fair and balanced reporting and forecasted trends in an industry that thrives on a never-satiated hunger for conspicuous consumption. Then, I developed a late-in-life stoke addiction.

I grew up in the Santa Cruz area with the ocean a 20 minute ride west, but I never surfed in “Surf City.” The water is cold. And sharky. But I love swimming (minus the smell of chlorine), the beach is my happiest place, and I got too damn old to care about looking like a kook. So while on vacation in Kauai, my cousin-in-law pushed me into my first wave in Hanalei Bay in 2009. Very Hawaiian approach: "Don't think about it, just FEEL it." Something like that, in pidgin slang accent. Back in California, I committed to dawn patrol before work.

What's this have to do with my work? Firstly, life isn't just about work. Secondly, surfing’s state of flow is the perfect metaphor for every life situation. Keep up. Surfing represents a space where I feel at peace, humbled and in the present. It makes me crave more meaning than facts and where style is judged by innate grace, not the price of what you’re wearing. It strengthens my relationship with nature and guides my consumer decisions.

Today, I apply my reporting and critical thinking background to show and tell brand stories for niche cultures.

Tell me your origin story.

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