Seea blog

Seeababes Blog

Project: The Seeababes Blog is a resource and community that celebrates the many reasons why we surf, the various forms in which we express our creativity, and helpful advice for navigating new waters. Deliverables: Concept and write stories, source photography, […]

Misadventures Summer 2017 cover

Misadventures – Summer 2017

Project: Story on marathon swimmer Kim Chambers, the first woman to solo swim the dangerous crossing from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge and the 6th person in history (the third woman) to have completed the Oceans Seven.   

Seea Magazine 2017

Seea Magazine 2017

Project: Editor and project manager of the annual Seea Magazine. Edited contributor stories and authored stories centered around the design direction and themes of the season, which were manifested through the story angles and art direction.  #4 / 2017 Togetherness: […]

Herewith - Issue 001

Herewith – Issue 001

Project: Herewith Magazine Issue #001  Deliverables: "Hawaiian Renaissance" story about the blossoming generation of female creatives in Hawaii. Profiles on Brooke Dombroski, Kai Ha’a le'a Keaulana, Amber Mozo and Tara Michie. 

GrindTV - Women snowboarders and surfers


GrindTV.com. November 25, 2015. "Why these snowboarders are ready for powder after a summer of surf."  

GrindTV - Chris Burkard High Tide


GrindTV.com. August 10, 2015. "Chris Burkard's new photo book 'High Tide' captures out the ordinary surf locations." 

Waterwear Magazine January 2014

California Apparel News

California Apparel News. May 28,2015. "Fashion Digital Conference" reporting. Waterwear Magazine. December, 2014. "Capturing the Look of the Endless Summer" feature story.

Women's Wear Daily

Women’s Wear Daily

Women's Wear Daily. February 25, 2015. "Vegas Women's Shows: The Seventies Reign." Reporting on Liberty Fairs, Capsule, Agenda, AccessoriesTheShow, Stitch, CurveNV, and PoolTradeshow in Las Vegas.