Amuse Society – Member Bios

Project: Amuse Society is the creative vision of industry leaders, Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, who are bringing to life a new young contemporary beach lifestyle brand. Described as a beautiful contradiction of beach and street and bohemian and rock and roll, their free-spirited confidence and entrepreneurial spirit are what ultimately inspired them to launch their first brand together in November 2014. 

Deliverables: A key component of the brand is its "Society Members" which serve as style muses and ambassadors. Crafted copy tone, voice and style for Society Member biographies that flowed with the site's established vocabulary and stunning visuals. Society Member Introductions include: Ascot Friday, C.C. Sheffield, Emily Formentini, Gretta Kreusi, Joanna Halpin, Kayla Varley, Lex Weinstein, Sanaz Almassi, Vanessa Mooney, Vivianne LaPointe, Roxy Dunlop, Barbara DiCreddo, and Brydie Mack. 

Amuse Society - Ascot Friday Amuse Society CCSheffieldAmuse Society - Emily Fiormentini Amuse Society - Greta Kreusi Amuse Society - Joanna Halpin

Amuse Society - Kayla Varley

Amuse Society - Lex Weinstein Amuse Society - Sanaz Almassi Amuse Society - Vanessa Mooney Amuse Society - Vivianne LaPointe

Amuse Society Roxy DunlopAmuse Society - Barbara DiCreddo Amuse Society - Brydie Mack