Sanuk Stoke Squad

Project: Sanuk was born in Southern California in 1997, when surfer slash mad scientist Jeff Kelley created their very first pair of fun, funked-up flip flops out of Astroturf and inner tubes. Since those fake-grass roots, they've continued to make big waves in the footwear world with insanely-comfy styles like Sidewalk Surfers and Yoga Mat Sandals. All the while, Sanuk's been partying with athletes, artists and all-around rad human beings, making truly eclectic kicks that ride the vibes of their outdoor lifestyles.

The Stoke Squad is a natural extension of our Sanuk family-a small, handpicked crew of happy place seekers. People who always see the world through a smile, live to wander and love sharing stories through photography. And most importantly, people who aren't afraid to be silly, goof off or laugh at life.

Deliverables: Work closely with Sanuk's Digital Marketing Manager, copywriter, and Sanuk Stoke Squad ambassadors to edit, and deliver packaged Instagram content.